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Municipal Authority (Sewer)

Sewer Base Rates

Residential – $58.00 per EDU per month
Commercial – $63.00 per EDU per month
Grinder Pump – $48.00 per EDU per month
(grinder pump rates are lower due to the customer being responsible for all maintenance when their situation requires a grinder pump)


Meeting date is the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm.

Board members

  • Brian Novinger, Chairman
  • Robert Miller, board member
  • Tim Daniels, board member
  • Dave Norris, Vice Chairman
  • Lynn Schadle, board member
  • Jeanette Crabb, Billing
  • Jenn Lesher, Secretary

Contact information

Tim Lesher – emergency contact for sewer issues 717-422-1298

Contact email is
Billing email is:

Phone number is: 717-365-4115

The office is not staffed everyday, please allow time for a reply.

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