Water Company to install new meters and back-flow device


Property Owner,

The Gratz Borough Water Company will be replacing water meters in Early 2022 throughout Gratz Borough. The meter replacement program is mandatory as the existing meters have reached the end of their useful life. During the replacement of the water meter a new outside reader pad will be installed and a backflow device will be provided and installed by the Water Department at no cost to you. The backflow device will prevent the backflow of water from your property into the public water system. The Water Department is installing these backflow devices to comply with Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulations.

Some hot water systems are incorrectly designed so that they allow pressure to build up. The increase in pressure is a result of expansion of the water when it is heated. The pressure is then released back through the public water system. If your plumbing system is of such type, the backflow device we install will not permit the pressure to be relieved back through the public water system. As a result, the pressure relief valve on your water heater may open briefly. Should the relief valve on your hot water heater fail and your plumbing does not accept the excess pressure it is possible that the pressure could be relieved through the weakest point in your system. The pressure could be relieved through the water heater itself, through worn valves or weak pipe joints.

A preventive measure can be made by you before the meter and backflow device are installed by having a plumber install an expansion tank installed on the cold-water line before the hot water heater. Your cooperation with this DEP mandated installation is greatly appreciated.

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